Cancellation & Refund Policy

By North West India Tours

With North West India Tours, you will always be content with the services we provide. We take care of our customers like our guests and make sure they have some amazing time in the country when they are associated with us.

Taking into consideration all the trips we organize, some amount needs to be paid in advance as a token of the confirmation of your arrival. This would give us an assurance and help us make the relevant bookings for your trip. We would like to inform you that we do initiate the booking process as soon as we receive the advance from you, hence, it wouldn’t be possible for us to refund the amount if required. Due to this policy, we always ask our customers to carefully choose a package and make the payment.

Having said that, we can always change the dates of your trip or select an entire different package for you wherein you can utilize your money cancelled from another trip. Though the amount doesn’t get refunded, you get to play with the flexibility of your trip dates and even the venue.

We would again request you to go through your schedules properly before you make the bookings. We strive towards making your stay in the country a memorable one and make sure we do all the related preparations so that you feel at ease and at utmost comfort.